Tales from Smith Hall

Tales from Smith Hall

January weather

Life on the FarmPosted by Mary Thu, January 12, 2017 11:53:33
The first 2 litters of piglets were born on Monday to two experienced sows, who are happily sharing a pen, and feeding duties! Both the sows are quite socialised to us, and seek out a rub behind the ear or a scratch along the back. So very unusually I was able to get into the pen when the piglets were only a few hours old, to check on them and try to encourage the smallest to feed. Normally, sows that have newly farrowed are very defensive of their offspring, and can be aggressive, rushing you or trying to bite, so I was fortunate to see and handle very young piglets close up.

We woke up yesterday morning to a howling gale. The worry is always that there has been some damage to buildings. Our farm is situated at the top of a valley,which runs down eventually to the Trent. The wind manages to reach us even in high summer, and it can be hard to find a sheltered spot in the garden. Somebody recently told me an old saying at Hulland Ward there is a wonderful view, but it blows- how true!

Now we are waiting for snow......!

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