Tales from Smith Hall

Tales from Smith Hall

Our porky pies

Life on the FarmPosted by Mary Tue, May 09, 2017 08:21:42
We were overjoyed to hear that one of the pubs we supply pork pies to has been voted (or chosen) as the top micropub in the country. Well done Elaine and David of the Chip and Pin in Melbourne! It is fantastic to think that our pies are on sale there.
A pie and a pint or two is just the ticket!

Last night we went to a local twinning event,to see a French film, eat canapes, and find about the twinning process. It all began after WW2, to build links across Europe, and we heard tales of cycle tours, choir visits, and wine tasting. Himself and I want to join, but we need to think this out, as the pigs and cattle can`t fend for themselves. Unlikely we could take them too!

The dry cool weather is inhibiting the growth of grass. Looking around, we can see our neighbours are in the same position, so we are longing for rain. What was a muddy track a few weeks ago is now completely dry and dusty. The geology of the land is mud/sandstone with clay patches, so it is very free draining, with some very damp areas too. Wet weather is forecast at the weekend, but probably not enough to put matters right yet.

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